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Note:  we are in the process of converting our communication systems from medfieldgreenmoms to medfieldgreen.  In the meantime, you may get correspondence from Medfield Green Moms.  Thank you for your understanding.                            

Medfield Green is a 501(c)3 organization whose efforts are funded through donations and small fundraisers.  We appreciate all support of our efforts.  
Contributions can be mailed to Medfield Green, PO Box 196, Medfield MA 02052.  Thank you.

Lucille Fisher of Sage & Savvy Marketing for her help with public relations, especially for Medfield Green Month.  Lucille can be reached at .  Also Wendy Wirsig of W2Design for continued graphic design support and Tim Borchers of Borchers Law, Medway MA for legal advice.  Wendy can be reached at and Tim at


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